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Are You a Half Birthday Hater?

Some people, when first presented with the trending concept of a half birthday, are immediately cynical. Self-righteously indignant. Wholly opposed.

"What!? Now we have to deal with half birthdays. As if we don't have enough dates to remember, presents to buy, money to spend, kids to spoil, occasions to clog our calendar. Just another manifestation of our decaying, self-indulgent, over-pampered society, where everyone has to win and nobody takes responsibility for anything anymore. Jeez!"

                    Birthday HaterYes, the idea of a half birthday can be a flash point that for some is emblematic of all that is wrong with us today. So go ahead, let it out. Vent your disdain and disgust for those scheming wusses who would even dare think of imposing such a diabolical occasion on an already strapped populace.

Feeling better? Good. Now that we've heard your take on half birthdays, if you could, please, indulge us for a moment and at least hear the other half of the argument. Thank you.

First, let's put this in perspective. Given the vehemence of the typical oppositional outburst, you'd think half birthday devotees were pushing drugs, gambling, porn, tobacco products, or premarital cohabitation.

No, we're simply singling out a day each year when hard-working people can take heart in reaching the midway point between birthdays (akin to the 13.1 mile marker in a marathon) and acknowledge it in some small way.

It may surprise you that the overwhelming majority of half birthdays are celebrated for the sake of others, and for entirely unselfish and considerate reasons.

Take the soldier who's been fighting overseas on her birthday, whose loved ones throw a half birthday party when she's home on leave. Or the divorced Dad who gets shut out of his son's regular birthday party, and thus takes him out to celebrate on his half birthday. Or kids whose birthdays fall during the holidays and are all but forgotten, so their parents decide to make a big fuss on their half birthday.

Then there are children who never receive a birthday acknowledgement in school because it lands in the summer. Or those born in the dead of winter who've always wanted a summer pool party. Tough luck, you say? That's life, deal with it?

They are dealing with it. And this is how they choose to do so. Who are we to judge?

Probably the most avid celebrants of the half birthday are beleaguered parents of newborn babies, who are all too happy to mark the occasion of their infant's six-month milestone with a half-birthday bash. Would you deny them this well-deserved break?

At, one of the things we suggest is that you keep your half birthday to yourself, make it a stealth mental Half Birthday Thumbs Uphealth holiday in which you cut back a little, indulge yourself in small ways, take liberties you don't normally allow yourself, and no one else is the wiser.  

It's easy to dislike something new to you when it doesn't seem to mesh with your life's outlook. But be open-minded. Look a little closer. You'll soon understand why half birthdays are really taking off, and why they provide ready solutions, and lots of fun, to a whole range of life situations.

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